Michelle is getting ready for a trip through Australia and New Zealand and has to save some money. Luckily employees in hospitality are in high demand. Working as a freelancer via Temper is a way to work in different restaurants all over Utrecht. Like Werkspoorcafe de Leckere, they were in need of staff on a busy Monday. Michelle and Laura helped out!

Signing up for Temper

After downloading the app it is pretty easy to make a profile. Although sometimes we got stuck at different steps, like uploading profile picture and uploading a passport. Michelle’s profile picture was too large and Laura’s passport photo was to dark (made in the evening). The rest was easier and we made our profile in about 15 minutes.

Working as a freelancer

After signing up you can do 1 shift without a VAT-number. Want more? No problem, but you’ll have to get a VAT-number first! Requesting a VAT number is free and Temper can help you with it. Pay varies between 13 and sometimes 20 euro’s an hour. Curious? Start working by downloading the app or sign up via the website. 

Werkspoorcafe de Leckere

Working at Werkspoorcafe de Leckere was fun. The beer from de Leckere is Utrecht made and the food looked really good. Working makes hungry! Next to posing for pictures the cafe was pretty busy on this sunny Monday. Manager Femke was very welcoming and after meeting the staff she gave us a quick introduction about how to pour beer. After finishing our shift we sat down with a mixed platter (cheese and sausages). Fun fact; one of the cheeses was made with de Leckere’s own Paulus beer.



Dutchie Laura lived in Utrecht for 10 years. And the Domcity has developed ever since. More and more coffee bars have popped up and there are a lot of places to grab a sandwich on the go or stay for work. Best of all, Utrecht has a wide variety in of restaurants. Laura’s favorite? Anything with sushi, pasta, Indian, vegetarian, burgers, fish, meat, classic French… she’s not picky at all!

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