About When in Utrecht

We hope to inspire you – locals, expats, and travelers alike – who are just as keen and passionate about Utrecht as we are. You can see When in Utrecht as our personal pocketbook, or diary, where we will keep notes and tabs on everything that is happening in our beautiful city. From food to places to shop, drink and sleep. And grab a coffee, we won’t forget that.

About us

Laura: Dutchie Laura lived in Utrecht for a good 10 years and has seen the transformation of our lovely Dom city. She recently moved to Amsterdam but is happy to hop on a train and visit her favorite city. Because in the best city in the world you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants. Laura’s favorite? Anything with sushi, pasta, Indian, vegetarian, burgers, fish, meat, classic French… she’s not picky at all! Follow her on Instagram by using the hashtag laurainutrecht

Maaike: Have you met…Maaike? Maaike just loves Utrecht (and coffee)e! This busy bee is always on the move and has a nose for cheap, nice places to visit in Utrecht and settles down in a new cafe every week to work. Follow her posts by searching hashtag maaikeinutrecht

Esmee: Esmee is a very enthusiastic journalism student who loves everything in and about Utrecht. When she is not busy studying she love to discover new places, make music and work on her photography skills. Follow her by using hashtag esmeeinutrecht

Michelle: Meet Michelle! Michelle is an enthusiastic master communication student and lives in Utrecht for over 5 years. She is always on the go to find new hotspots in and around Utrecht and loves to go to festivals, eat out and drink wine. Follow her posts by using the hashtag michelleinutrecht

Daphne: The youngest of the lot but just as excited to see more of Utrecht. She just loves food and likes to take us on her quest for the best food in the city. You’ll find our newest connoisseur in a mix of places. New places, cheap or a bit more expensive. Find out more about Daphne by using hashtag daphneinutrecht

Started by Kavita, an Australian expat living in beautiful Utrecht. Since studying in Utrecht (2008) she fell in love with the city and has since been married to a Dutchie. In 2017 she decided to move to Baarn (why!) and handed over her blog to Laura.