It was my lucky week! One of my favorite restaurants of Utrecht has opened a second location and I paid a visit to enjoy all their yummy food. I am, of course, talking about the restaurant Tijm.

Their second restaurant is located in the center of Utrecht on ‘t Wed. It used to be a cafeteria but is now turned into a stylish, hip and cozy restaurant. You can tell, they put a lot of thought into the decor and I admire their love of plants. You feel right at home when you enter the restaurant, it has a nice entourage.

Now about the food, I already gave my opinion a bit in the intro but I love their menu. We chose the Lebanese salad bowl and the Roti. Because the portions are ample enough food, we shared the dessert; the Chocolate Dadel Brownie.

Something extra we should mention is that the restaurant has no alcohol license. So, they only serve nonalcoholic drinks. They have solved this shortcoming by offering delicious non-alcoholic cocktails!


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