Traveling the world can be challenging these times. But we have visited many countries in just one sunny afternoon in Utrecht. How you might ask? By going on a trip with BAPAHO (short for BackPack Holland)! BAPAHO is a Dutch traveling agency which organizes trips around the world, by walking through your own city or playing a game at home. And it is fun to do with either roommates, family, or colleagues.

Travel the world by staying in our Domcity with BAPAHO

Name: Wereldwandeling
Price: 14,95 p.p.
Walking time: 2,5 hours

Did you know there are more than 160 different cultures in Utrecht? No? We didn’t either! On a sunny Sunday, we learned more about our favorite city by going on a trip around the world. We tested out the Wereldwandeling (a walk around the world) where we discovered different countries, cultures, and religions by walking through town. And we even stumbled upon parts we haven’t visited that often like a never-before-seen Synagogue we came across during this walk.

We went on our adventure as any backpacker would go: with a backpack filled with goodies like a little Swedish game and a card to send to yourself or a loved one as a reminder of our trip around the world. We ate our way through Mexico and Scandinavia by trying out different pastries at some of the recommended spots in Utrecht (not included), learned more about each other by answering the questions on the map, and enhanced our language skills. We had a lot of fun!

The world in a box

Name: Wereldreisbox
Price: 49,95 for two
Playing time: 2,5 hours

Another way to learn more about our Utrecht and its cultures is by playing the game in the worldtravelbox. In this game for two you’ll find a map (which will be used as a board game and can be used multiple times) and by tasting, playing, listening, creating, smelling, and decorating you’ll learn more about some of the most visited countries in the world. Fair warning: the food in the World travel box is not for the faint-hearted, you’ll not only try out a very hot Mexican snack but also eat some delicious edible insects;)

Travel the world with your colleagues

Both trips can also be taken with colleagues for example as a gift for Easter/Christmas or a team activity or gift to business partners. Get in touch with BAPAHO to get more personalized travel advice.


Dutchie Laura lived in Utrecht for 10 years. And the Domcity has developed ever since. More and more coffee bars have popped up and there are a lot of places to grab a sandwich on the go or stay for work. Best of all, Utrecht has a wide variety in of restaurants. Laura’s favorite? Anything with sushi, pasta, Indian, vegetarian, burgers, fish, meat, classic French… she’s not picky at all!

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