Last Sunday we were invited by the Maaltuin to eat at the air base in Soesterberg. A surprising experience, in which we were taken into the military past behind this base while eating and drinking.

Getting to know the place better

Via different characters, you get to know the place a bit better. At different points, you’ll find voice- memos where these characters take you back to a moment from years ago. In addition we thoroughly enjoyed the walk through nature, the hidden “bar” in the bunker in which the story of the past was retold (while we sipped on a homemade spicy cocktail), the old photos we’ve got to see and the different dishes all inspired by its environment.

Carefully selected dishes

Not only the location, but also the food was an experience in itself. You can taste that the ingredients have been carefully selected to make for a beautiful recipe. That is why our visit to the airbase was not only a gift for the eyes, but also one for our taste buds. Due to the matching wines; they make the food taste even better and are lovingly coordinated with each other. Any dietary restrictions or not a fan of wine (or alcohol)? This can also be taken into account.

So in our opinion: this concept is an high-flyer and something you should want to experience. Because how cool is it to eat in an old F15 Hangar?!

Follow the food, this is where you can find the Maaltuin next

  • From August 4 they can be found in the gardens of Muiderslot
  • From 11 August in the botanical gardens (Trompenburg) of Rotterdam
  • From September 15 in the Maritime Museum in the Port of Rotterdam

Tickets are for sale via the Maaltuin website.

Or try Sterkwater!

Want to stay within the Provence of Utrecht? You might like “Sterkwater”; same concept, but along the beautiful Dutch Waterlines. Here you can discover more than 750 years of history in the beautiful castle garden of Slot Zuylen. And enjoy a beautiful summer evening within a particularly well-preserved interior. You’ll find “Sterkwater” from 21 July 2022 at Slot Zuylen in Utrecht.

Tickets are for sale via the Sterk Water website. Reserve a spot, because you want to be here!


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