Just like a lot of barns, you’ll find organic restaurant The Barn just outside of the city. And that might be a good thing! Hop on a bike (or take the train) and grab lunch in Leidsche Rijn!

Costs: €10 – €23 for lunch. Location: Brusselplein 185, Leidsche Rijn

Lunch barn style
Last weekend we went to the opening of The Barn. It felt like a warm welcome wooden panels and warmly lit lightbulbs make you feel right at home. On the left there is the kitchen where staff prepares your organic dish. And on your right you’ll find three touchscreens where you can order and take a seat in their cozy seating area. Fun fact: the chairs are made by disabled people.

Everything has to taste as nature intends to
At the restaurant they love to work with seasonal products and local farmers. And as they say it: ‘everything has to taste as nature has intended it’. A good example; they work with a chicken farm, called “Biomeerwaarde ei”. We had to taste that and the eggs where really good!


Creative with organic food
On the menu the not to typical stuff. We ordered, via the iPad, a Southwest chicken burger and a Mozzarella strawberry salad and took a seat at one of the tables. We ordered and finished with writing our name at the end. When the food is ready they will call out your name and, after you wave, serve you at the table. Maybe nice to know; the owner makes the recipes by himself!

• All the products are organic
• You can order via the app on your mobile phone (or tablets in store)
• If you sit inside it feels like home

• The centre of Leidsche Rijn is a twenty minute bike ride from Utrecht centre




Loes has finished her study to become a photographer and she can't wait to explorer Utrecht with her camera. She loves walking and cycling through the city centre to see what's happening an she is always looking how she can capture the best shot!

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