Last night we visited the dance performance ANTI-GRAVITY at the festival SPRING in Utrecht. During this 10 days festival, artists from all over the world come to Utrecht to perform in different shows. SPRING offers a rich and varied program, so there are enough good shows for everyone. They play in the theaters, on squares and in the streets of Utrecht, on abandoned industrial sites, but also in the elusive cloud and the deep caves of virtual reality.

Costs: between €0 – €30 for one show. Location: Utrecht

Like I’ve said before, we’ve visited ANTI-GRAVITY. This show is a modern dance act where a few questions are central: what is gravity? What is weight? What is weightlessness? And what are the elements that generate the clouds in our atmosphere? By making use of heavy rocks, smoke, water, wind, reflections and projections the audience becomes more aware of their own gravity. Anouk van Dijk, the choreographer, made this performance with visual artist Ho Tzu Nyen. Anouk lead sinds 2012 this leading dance group: Chunky Move.


There are only six dancers who are performing in the show, but you have to watch closely to see everything what is happening on stage. By using all those attributes to create the smoke ect, in that way the show becomes very playful. They use not well-known music to dance on but more like different tones that can be heard after each other. after one hour the show is finished,and I can tell you one thing: the stage does not look the same as when the show started! After the show they organised a after talk with the choreographer Anouk van Dijk. The audience got the chance to ask questions about the show! 

You can visit the shows of SPRING until 26 May. So, check the website to see if there is a nice show for you: website SPRING.


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