Sanju Ramen just had their opening a few months ago ad it is already a great success, because their Ramen are delicious and it is the first Ramen bar in Utrecht! People even come all the way from Germany to taste the Ramen in Utrecht. The restaurant is located on the Voorstraat and is a good addition to the street with their Asian look!

Costs: €13 / €14 for Ramen. Location: Voorstraat 29

Ramen is the name for a Japanese noodle dish which includes the very important broth. The broth is made of pork, chicken or a vegetarian variant. These broths have been boiled for more than 18 hours. This makes the taste of the Ramen bowls very intense and delicious! There was no Ramen bar in Utrecht yet so the owners, Mohammad and Jeroen, saw an opportunity here. They dared to walk into a restaurant with the question: can we buy this building? A few months later they opened their own Sanju Ramen bar.


We had two starters to share, first the Nashi which included Japanese Nashi pear infused with sake served on top of marinated red cabbage. The second starter was the Gyoza Vegetable which were steamed and baked dumplings filled with vegetables, they were delicious! And of course, we’ve tried the Ramen. We had the Shoyu Shoyu Tonkotsu which includes Shoyu tare, pork stock, Tokyo style noodles, pork chashu, Aijtama egg, bean sprouts, menma, green onion, leek and 500 day riped sambai vinegar. Our second Ramen dish was a special called Tsukemen, it is not on the menu but make sure you ask for it. This special dish is not offered anywhere else in the Netherlands!


We ended our evening with a good glass of Princess Ginkgo, Junmaishu Sake, which is lower in alcohol than the normal Sake. This means that you don’t have to take a shot of the Sake but you can drink it in a normal way from a wine glass. And the best thing is that they have a frequently changing menu, so every time you visit the ramen bar there is a change you can try something new!


  • This is the only Ramen bar in Utrecht
  • You have the opportunity to sit outside
  • You get the full Asian impression inside the restaurant


  • You can’t make a reservation

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