At the beginning of the Amsterdamsestraatweg you will find the cozy lunchroom of rose&vanilla. A wonderfully serene place: perfect for sitting down and enjoying delicious gluten and lactose free sweets or amazingly colorful lunches. A true heaven for people with gluten and/or lactose allergy. Little did we know, it’s also heaven for those of us who don’t.

Location: Amsterdamsestraatweg 11, Utrecht

For all of you struggling with a gluten and/or lactose allergy: rose&vanilla is everything you need. A certified bakery with the guarantee that everything on the menu is safe. What we especially love is that they also put a lot of effort in making sure all the products taste delicious and are ecologically produced. rose&vanilla will definitely not disappoint anyone!

We had the pleasure of trying a variety of sweets and bites from the lunch menu. Everything we tasted was accompanied by the lovely owner Daphne. She’s always been a big lover of baking and about seven years ago she took the plunge: rose&vanilla was born! What made her start was when she found out her kids had different allergies. Daphne took on the challenge and started experimenting with cakes and new ingredients. She optimized the flavors, which is always the most important to her, and came up with a cake recipe her kids adored.

Now rose&vanilla is a major success and Daphne and her team also bake for multiple coffee places around town. Best thing is that a little bit of Rose & Vanilla is always close since they even sell their delicious cakes at Ekoplaza and Marqt.  Our favorites are definitely the classic cakes, which leave you thinking how it’s even possible there’s no butter in them. And besides that, the bread with tuna and grilled vegetables was unforgettable!









  • Great eye for sustainability
  • The interior of the cafe feels incredibly intimate and homey
  • Perfect place for people with food allergies
  • You can absolutely trust the owner’s good intentions: those sweets are made with love and attention


  • There’s no butter
  • The location may give you the feeling of rush
  • The list of choices for lunch is kind of limited



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