From what I’ve heard, Popocatepetl used to be a hotspot for students. With brightly coloured walls (in orange and pink), Maria statues and other Mexican paraphernalia. What a difference with the interior now!

Green, cosy and serene
You enter Popocatepetl through a narrow corridor. You’ll get tempted with Mexican beer and will end up right at the bar. Inside Popo lights illuminate the beige wall and we are directed to a small green room. Merel and I shared the table with other bloggers ( and and Pippi. First order of business; choose a cocktail from Popo’s menu. We decided on a non-alcoholic Mojito and Strawberry frozen Margarita.

Food is better when shared
My favorite when dining out? Share! So that’s exactly what we did at our table. We shared nachos, tostadas, soft taco’s and quesadillas all from the to share and light and bright menu. Three bites per person where more than enough for the three of us. Prices are between four – eight euro. My favorite? The Calamares tequila. The waitress told us they are so ‘ light’ because the tequila evaporates during frying. Jum!

We’ll have everything
With some room left for dessert we tried choosing between the six different desserts. Too hard, so why not take them all. The best of them was, in my opinion, the Mexican fudge brownie (with chili pepper) and the churros. But the cheesecake was also very, very nice.

For who: If you’re craving Mexican, fancy a very delicious cocktail or planning to go out with a group of friends
Location: at the Nobelstraat 163, Utrecht
Costs: 4-8 euro for bites and 14-20 euro for a main course

Reserve a table at Popocatepetl The Mexican Utrecht here


Dutchie Laura lived in Utrecht for 10 years. And the Domcity has developed ever since. More and more coffee bars have popped up and there are a lot of places to grab a sandwich on the go or stay for work. Best of all, Utrecht has a wide variety in of restaurants. Laura’s favorite? Anything with sushi, pasta, Indian, vegetarian, burgers, fish, meat, classic French… she’s not picky at all!

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