Somewhere, in the shadow of the big buildings of the Jaarbeursplein, you will find Asian street food restaurant Miyagi & Jones. We finally visited this restaurant and we are very enthusiastic about it! At Miyagi (yes named after the character in the movie Karate Kid) & Jones you’ll find more than 60 Asian dishes which you can share with each other. This concept together with their cozy and stylish interior makes the restaurant a perfect place for a (weekend) night out!

Costs: 29,95 for a 3 course menu. Location: Veemarktplein 42

Bring your appetite when you visit Miyagi & Jones because their menu is big. Very big! They have the option to choose between a menu (3 or 4 courses) or you can choose the dishes a la carte. We were hungry for some food so we chose  a menu of 3 courses. This included two dishes each per round. So at the end (I can tell you now, we didn’t make it so far) you had six dishes per person! Our favorite dish of the evening was definitely the Peking duck crêpes! They served the crepes and the Peking duck separate, so you had to build your own dish. How much for a fun activity while having dinner ;). Other delicious dishes we’ve taste were the Miyagi’s avocado salad, grilled salmon, Korean short ribs and the chicken karaage. The portions were of a good (read big) size so we loved it!





One of the best things of Miyagi & Jones is the combination of propper Asian food dishes and the option to also eat sushi dishes. It may not be a secret we love sushi so it is definitely a big bonus when a restaurant also serves sushi. We really felt like we could combine the best food of the Asian cuisine together. We’ve tried the Rrraw combo and the Full house combo, both are definitely recommended!

We ended the night with one of the tastiest desserts I’ve had in a long time: The Lemonicious. This dessert consists of lemon curd, lemon sorbet, amaretti and mascarpone. It was served in a really big cocktail like glass which also looked really amazing on the table. One secret we can spoil: if you decide to take one of the menus, share this dessert. It is way too big for your own!









  • Cozy but stylish interior
  • Their menu is very extensive and tells a story
  • They have a terrace with fire poles, so you can sit outside during colder days


  • The menu is almost a little bit too big
  • The desserts are not included in one of the 3 or 4 course menus

Reserve a table at Miyagi and Jones here


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