Close your eyes and imagine yourself in South America surrounded by delicious food and drinks. This imagination will become reality after entering the new restaurant Lucy Lou at Vredenburg. The restaurant provides South American street food in a ‘naughty’ setting. We love it!

 Costs: 6,50 – 9,75 for a taco dish. Location: Vredenburg 30

After a warm welcome of Bastiaan, one of the owners, we started the night with a Frozen Margarita. You have to wait a little bit until it melts before you can drink it. While we drank our margarita’s, we’ve checked the menu and selected our tacos for the night. We’ve tried the Barbacoa Short-ribs, Tinga de Pollo and the Al Pastor. The last one is a very special one, they’ve worked very long to refine this taco. It includes special pork shoulder which has been roasted on the spit for a long time. You have to taste this one!


Like mentioned above, every detail of the restaurant is set in a ‘naughty’ setting. You can find this style on the walls, in the menu and even in the toilets. Every toilet is naughty on it’s own with texts like: Tequila, Live Nudes and Lucy Lou Taco’s & Tequila.


Lucy Lou
Let me tell you who Lucy Lou is: Lucy lives in Utrecht and loves tequila. When the owners of the restaurant came up with the idea of a Taco & Tequila restaurant they immediately felt that Lucy should become part of the team. One thing led to another and the restaurant Lucy Lou was born. Want to meet her? You’ll probably find her behind their amazing bar! Fun fact: If she’s not behind the bar you’ll find her on the wall!

Of course, a South American night isn’t complete without nachos, churros and a shot of tequila. Our final meal of the night was the churros in Lucy Lou style with white chocolate, vanilla ice cream and hazelnut. Lovely dessert after a night full of tacos.


But what about their tequila?
Last but not least: a shot of tequila and mescal. The bartender didn’t let us go before we tried the two shots. You probably know what tequila is, but I didn’t know what mescal was. Mescal is Mexican distilled liquor made of the Agave Americana plant. They serve over 50 types of tequila and mescal which means a lot of different flavors (one recommendation: don’t try them all in one night).


  • The naughty setting, which you find everywhere in the restaurant
  • The menu offers over 50 types of tequila and mescal
  • In the weekends, they are open until 02.00 in the night


  • You can’t make a reservation
  • They don’t have a big terrace where you can sit during the summer

Take a look at their website:



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