The clouds are taking over the bright and sunny days of the past few weeks. That leaves us thinking about Tuscany, where the olive branches make a lovely view and the wine flows richely. So instead of booking a trip to Italy we decided on spending the evening at the Pizzabakkers in Utrecht. Pizza? Check. Prosecco? Check. Such a sunny boost for our moods!

Costs: 7,75-13 euro’s for a pizza. Location: Nachtegaalstraat 70

If you ever passed by this place in the Nachtegaalstraat, you might not have even noticed it with its grey canopies. When we entered the restaurant we were surprised by how spacious was. Families with children enjoying their pizza around a square table, a group of friends laughing and drinking prosecco. The vibe is relaxed, just like the people that work here.

This place is cozy, not too loud and good for a nice and quick dinner or a longer night around the table. The concept is easy: enjoy a good pizza and a nice glass of prosecco with it. There are many other options for drinks too. If you want, your waiter or waitress will tell you everything about what’s on your plate and in your glass. If you’re in a bit of a hurry or you just want to taste, they won’t bother you.

We started our evening with a glass of prosecco, like you’re kind of supposed to when you eat at Pizzabakkers. The sparkle got us started and made us want to try a plate full of antipasti. If you are a bit of an everything lover when it comes to food, you should go for this one. We especially liked the artichoke tassade and the cockles.

Our main meal was, of course, pizza! Maaike tried out the ‘Coppa di Parma’, I had the ‘Campagnola’ pizza. The parmaham on Maaike’s pizza was super tasty. My pizza was a vegetarian one and I would totally recommend it, also to non-vegetarians. Pizzabakkers offers crunchy, richly invested pizzas: straight out of the (wood) oven.

Even though we already felt pretty satisfied, we decided that a dessert is always a good idea. So we ordered one Tiramisu with two spoons. Man, that was tasty. We had a great evening at Pizzabakkers and especially since it is not expensive at all, we will probably go again.

Here’s some pros and cons about the restaurant, so you can decide yourself if you should pay a visit.


  • The prices are good (around 11,50 for a pizza)
  • Quick service
  • Good for families


  • If you don’t like pizza, you’re screwed
  • The location is a bit out of the city center

Reserve a table at De Pizzabakkers here


Have you met..Maaike? Maaike is a 20 something year old Utrecht based master student in Amsterdam. After some time as a content marketeer she decided to take the plunge, so since January 2017 she’s back to being a fulltime student with a parttime job. But even with a tight budget Utrecht is just as much enjoyable! This busy bee is always on the move and has a nose for cheap but nice places to visit in Utrecht. Follow her posts by searching #maaikeinutrecht or check out her personal Instagram with tips for all over the Netherlands

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