Our tip for this weekend: ‘Op Zuid’. This restaurant is located in an old steel fabric. It opened a few weeks ago and is a great spot, especially with good weather. There is a terrace near the canal, which makes it a great place to enjoy the sunshine with one of the many draft beers.

Main course prices: 9 – 20 euro


‘Op Zuid’ serves great food as well: the menu is inspired by NY style influences and dishes are made by their international cooks. There is a big pizza oven and the meat is prepared on a charcoal grill. We tried the ‘Fancy Wall Street’, a NY style burger with mushrooms and egg. We can undoubtedly recommend this burger.

‘Op Zuid’ is owned and managed by a couple and it is their second restaurant. Besides ‘Op Zuid’ they also own ‘Guusjes’ in the popular neighbourhood ‘Tuinwijk’. The owners find it important to keep their kitchen international, this helps them to keep making the unique and delicious food on the menu.


  • Big terrace
  • Very welcoming staff
  • Many draft beers
  • Great view over the water


  • The terrace near the water isn’t the safest for little children


Loes has finished her study to become a photographer and she can't wait to explorer Utrecht with her camera. She loves walking and cycling through the city centre to see what's happening an she is always looking how she can capture the best shot!

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