Cold, rainy and windy. We longed for nothing more than some food! At Brasserie ‘t Zusje (Dutch for little sister) we were in for a treat. This warm and cosy restaurant opened two months ago in a beautiful, historic building, right next to the Oudegracht. Our evening was jam-packed with delicious tapas (including desserts, YES!) and is good against any winter dip.

Costs: 28,80 euro’s for a a variety of tapas and dessert. Location: Oudegracht 2

Utrecht is beautiful this time of year and the lights brightening up the Oudegracht. They make up for a good sight along your way to the restaurant. And at the end you’ ll find ‘t Zusje, right next to ‘ het Nijntje pleintje’.


Authentic yard cellar
When you enter the restaurant it seems small, but there comes a pleasant surprise: when you take the stairs down you find many tables in the authentic yard cellar. 

After a friendly welcome of our host Anne she explained the concept and menu of ‘t Zusje. Their menu is very extensive with over 65 different tapas dishes that you can try out. Perfect for (large) groups of friends or if you are looking for a romantic date (their interior looks so cosy). Unlike most tapas restaurants they don’t have a time limit which was very nice because it gave us the opportunity to try even more of their food. ‘t Zusje is the kind of place where you’ll stay all night, sipping on your favorite drink and trying out the most diverse range of tapas thinkable.

Not your standard tapas; poke bowl with tuna and Bastogne parfait
Our favorite tapas dishes were definitely the beef Tenderlion, the Poké bowl with tuna and avocado, vegetarian risotto, spinach lasagne with smoked salmon and last but definitely not least their specialty: the Bastogne parfait with drops of caramel sauce. We were in food heaven while eating this!


A pretty cool additional option that ‘t Zusje offers you is the online store full of gifts. For example, you can select a wine gift package, which includes your choice of wine and a gift card for a night out at one of the restaurant. And let’s admit: it doesn’t get much better than the combination of wine and the experience of a night out!


  • Delicious food for a reasonable fixed price
  • Even the pickiest people will enjoy this extensive menu
  • Nice atmosphere and a unique, cosy interior
  • Very good insight in the last minute reservation options on the website


  • Not the best choice for a quick dinner
  • The vegetarian menu is a little bit limited

Fun fact: What we didn’t know is that actually the restaurant in Utrecht is the first location in the centre of the Netherlands and we hope it will not be the last one! You can find restaurants of ‘t Zusje in 19 different Dutch cities, each restaurant with her own character. Check out more information about the restaurant at: 





Esmee is a very enthusiastic journalism student who loves everything in and about Utrecht. When she is not busy studying she love to discover new places, make music and work on her photography skills. Follow her by using hashtag esmeeinutrecht

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