Maaike has been to Loaded a while back, you’ll find her post here. Last week we were invited to taste one of Loaded’s new inventions: the Loaded platter. We ate our fill, and I must say I ate way too much but just couldn’t stop..  needless to say, we left the restaurant full and satisfied.

Loaded table: American influenced platter

The restaurant is best described as festival food with an American touch. We saw fried chicken on the menu, waffles and mouthwatering burgers. Is it totally American? No, because the menu also offers items like a Vo-pho, curry and Japanese Noodle soup.

We started off with a large plate full of nachos, with cheese and spicy beef and the vegetarian option with kimchi. To flush the nachos away we where treated to a cocktail. Not a normal one in a glass, but with a small bottle of liquor in a can. My favorite? The one with passionfruit. Next up the Loaded platter, the reason for our visit. Think burgers with cheese dripping from the side, fries with names like the Italian job (with olives) and Kimchie. Two crunchy burgers/fritters(for lack of a better word), one of them was a salmon one and favorite in our little group.

Dessert to share

After two plates loaded with food we still had some room for dessert. The three of us shared cheesecake, marshmallows and were fighting over the rocky road cake. Top it off with ice and you’ll leave the restaurant fuller then you’ve ever been. They definitely do their name honor;).

More about Loaded

Location: Amsterdamsestraatweg 54, 3513 AG Utrecht
Opening hours: Tuesday till Saturday: 10:00 am till 22:00, Sunday 10:00 am till 21:00
Price: Between 7 – 10 euro for breakfast/lunch, around 7 euro for bites or starter and 7 – 15 for items on the evening menu.

Reserve a table at Loaded here


Dutchie Laura lived in Utrecht for 10 years. And the Domcity has developed ever since. More and more coffee bars have popped up and there are a lot of places to grab a sandwich on the go or stay for work. Best of all, Utrecht has a wide variety in of restaurants. Laura’s favorite? Anything with sushi, pasta, Indian, vegetarian, burgers, fish, meat, classic French… she’s not picky at all!

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