Since Stadsbrasserie De Utrechter is located in the same building as Time Space and Social Impact Factory, we walked through this beautiful restaurant quite a few times. We have been curious about the food for a long, long time, but it took a while before we sat down and get a taste of De Utrechter. So glad we finally did! The unique menu of this restaurant in combination with wonderful service makes this restaurant an absolute must go. If we only knew earlier, we wouldn’t have passed by so many times…

Costs: A three-course meal is 35,00 euro. Location: Vredenburg 40

De Utrechter looks polished and fancy when you enter it through the big glass doors. The way we were welcomed added a little extra to this first impression. We were seated at the bar and got a taste of two different types of gin tonics. This brings us to the first big plus of this restaurant: the bar! It’s best described as a place where you want to be without realizing it. Exceptionally passionate cocktail shakers will prepare you cocktails like you’ve never had them before! Exotic flavours, prepared with an interesting combination of local spirits and spices: nothing’s too crazy.


For dinner, we decided to let the chefs surprise us. We were served one vegetarian menu and one menu with a variety of meat and fish dishes. Both menus were surprisingly creative! The chefs come from all over the world which guarantees a wild mix of cuisines that you taste in the food. We were served three courses and matching, supplementary wines. Over all, our favorite dishes were a cauliflower salad and the panna cotta dessert. But we have to admit: it’s really hard to choose. Also, it’s more about the combination of things than it is about one particular dish. That’s one of the things that defines this restaurant: the outstanding service and knowledge of the people working here. Do you want some advice about what wine to choose with a meal you’re having? No problem! De Utrechter is not too expensive, but makes you feel like you’re at a place that has this little extra something.


And we already mentioned it but de Utrechter has a bar we could only have dreamed of. With shiny and colourful bottles in the background the bartenders are shaking it off preparing the most delicious cocktails and drinks. Even though de Utrechter is relatively big they still have some cozy spots to cuddle up with your date and taste their (borrel) menu. Taking it slow on alcohol? That’s all fine. Make sure to ask the bartender for their amazing espresso cocktail with distilled non-alcoholic spirit (not on the menu). A great ending of our visit to de Utrechter!



  • It doesn’t matter if you want to sit down and relax after a day of shopping or if you’re in a more fancy mood: with its different corners and types of tables, this is a restaurant for all Utrechters
  • Surprising cuisine and a very welcoming staff
  • Very close to Utrecht Centraal


  • The restaurant is relatively big
  • For dinner it might be a little above student budget

Since Valentine’s day is coming up the chefs of de Utrechter created a romantic menu. Read all about it here

Reserve a table at De Utrechter here


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