Did someone say chocolate? Because we are always in the mood for that kind of food! We, Michelle and Laura, found chocolate heaven right around the corner of Utrecht Central Station. Because we were guests at the new chocolatery of Utrecht: ChiqueOLatte. They opened their second location last June (first was in Amsterdam) and are famous for their chocolate fountain!

Truffles in different flavours 
We met at ChiqueOLatte around dinner time. Eating something hefty, like the chocolate fountain, wasn’t a good plan so we tried out some smaller dishes. We decided on the cheesecake with white chocolate and raspberries and the manager picked out some truffles. Little did we know, that we would try out flavour combination we had never heard of. Like white chocolate decorated with sea buckthorn and milk chocolate with saffran cream. What a surprise!

Serious about tea 
A lot of restaurants are focused on coffee, while a good cup of tea is just as interesting. The apple bubble tea was very nice to try (sweet though) but warm tea is so much better with something sweet. The soul tea was served in a small tea pot with a thermometer and hour glass. When the water temperature was exactly 60 degrees Celcius, we had to lower the tea leaves and let that simmer for a good three minutes (hence the hour glass).

Happy birthday to you!
Talking about surprises…you can celebrate your birthday at ChiqueOLatte. The location isn’t suitable for a party with your whole family and group of friends. But if you like to keep things small and simple go to the chocolatery. You’ll have your own ‘house’ and it will be decorated with garlands and candles to make it a bit more festive. And how good is your birthday if you can share a chocolate fountain with friends? 







  • The little houses are great, very intimate with a nice (friend) date
  • Chocolate truffles, chocolate fondue, chocolate fountain.. need we say more?


  • Close to Central Station but not in a cute street
  • No terrace
  • The different truffles are not on the menu

Meet Michelle! The newest member of @when_in_utrecht. Michelle is an enthusiastic master communication student and has lived in Utrecht for over 5 years. She is always on the go to find new hotspots in and around Utrecht and loves to go to festivals, eat out and drink wine. Follow her posts by using #michelleinutrecht

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