When we were studying most of When in Utrecht’s members went to the library to concentrate. There is something about working together, in silence, on a project or study for a test that was easier to do in the UB Binnenstad. The same goes for getting to work, as freelancers (Maaike and I have our own company) it can be really hard to get work done when you have some house chores waiting for you. That is why we liked working at Seats2meet!

Working for free at Utrecht Central

On Monday we checked in at Seats2meet Utrecht CS. From the train station, we followed the signs ‘Moreelsepark’ and walk all the way to the Albert Heijn, on the left a door gave us entrance to our workplace for the day. Working at Seats2meet is free, you are paying with your ‘Social Capital’ meaning you are open to sharing your knowledge and network with others. Say someone has a question about copywriting or blogging, questions regarding that topic will be passed on to me (or others with the same experience).

Seats2meet Passport

While checking in you select what your specialties are. This is all captured in a Seats2meet Passport where I can find the meeting rooms I’ve booked, questions I might be able to answer or – when someone reaches out to me – messages from other Seats2meet users. And if I need help with anything I can always ask my ‘co-workers’. A bit like networking so to say!


A lot of space to work

Large tables acted as desks at Seats2meet, I took up a seat at one of them. On the tables, power points make sure you don’t have an excuse to stop working and the coffee and tea is for free. Lunch is also taken care of, for € 5 you have a lot of options to choose from (salads, bread, soup, and a warm meal). No money for lunch? Help out in the kitchen or clean the dishes and your meal is free!

Seats2meet is a great place for everyone who wants to get some out-of-office work done. The concept of helping each other out with social capital is very appealing and works very smooth! If you’re a bit stuck on your Google Ads campaign for example, you have someone to help out in no time. That’s how we love to work!

More about Seats2meet Utrecht CS

Address: Moreelsepark 65, 3511 EP Utrecht or other locations in Utrecht (see website)
Price: It is free to work there, € 5 euro’s for lunch

This article has been created with the help of Seats2meet


Dutchie Laura lived in Utrecht for 10 years. And the Domcity has developed ever since. More and more coffee bars have popped up and there are a lot of places to grab a sandwich on the go or stay for work. Best of all, Utrecht has a wide variety in of restaurants. Laura’s favorite? Anything with sushi, pasta, Indian, vegetarian, burgers, fish, meat, classic French… she’s not picky at all!

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