Almost every Utrechter knows Café Orloff at ‘t Wed. A typical Dutch café that has been located there for over 35 years. One month ago the Orloff family expanded and Villa Orloff was born. It was a fairly long birth because even though the owners already got the key in December 2017, it took some while to transform this expired property into a static villa. But they managed and the result is literally breathtaking!

The owners combined the classical ‘Orloff cafe feeling’ and put it in a modern look, which makes Villa Orloff the perfect spot for many situations. Whether you are looking for a romantic dating spot of just a casual place to drink something at the bar: at Villa Orloff you will find it! And did I already mention their insanely big (okay for Utrecht standards) terrace? Great place to visit in the summer!

Villa Orloff: Great ambiance and delicious food

Orloff knows how to take care of the ambiance. And when entering this villa you will notice! But of course that’s not all: the food is also pretty amazing. The menu has really something for everyone. From Thai curry to freshly baked pizza’s, Villa Orloff serves many types of cuisines. We really enjoyed the food and also important: the dishes are well priced. Pizza’s start from 9 euro and you have a main course for no more than 13 euros. This makes eating out even more enjoyable!

Tip: take a look at the toilets at Villa Orloff. Do they look familiar? That’s quite possible! At all the Orloff locations the toilets are somewhat the same. You really see the effort that they put into this building, even the smallest room. Thumbs up!


  • Nice menu with good prices
  • Great location with an incredible terrace (with sun!)
  • Amazing vibe to enjoy a ‘borrel’


  • Not really the spot for a fancy high cuisine dinner

More about Villa Orloff

Location: Lucasbolwerk 1, 3512 EG Utrecht
Opening hours: Villa Orloff is open every Tuesday till Sunday from 10.00 am till 01.00 am (Friday and Saturday until 02.00 am)
Price: The price of a dish ranges between €9,- and €17,-


Have you met..Maaike? Maaike is a 20 something year old Utrecht based master student in Amsterdam. After some time as a content marketeer she decided to take the plunge, so since January 2017 she’s back to being a fulltime student with a parttime job. But even with a tight budget Utrecht is just as much enjoyable! This busy bee is always on the move and has a nose for cheap but nice places to visit in Utrecht. Follow her posts by searching #maaikeinutrecht or check out her personal Instagram with tips for all over the Netherlands

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