Last week we visited the stylish and popular restaurant Tiger Mama. It was 40 degree Celsius during our visit, so luckily for us, the restaurant had a garden behind the building and some cooling cocktails. Because of all the good stories about Tiger Mama, our expectations were high!

 Costs: €11-€14 for a sushi dish and €6 for a dim sum dish. Location: Voorstraat 80

We started the evening with some soybeans, a typical dish during a sushi night. Soon after, we were served the first sushi. There was some special sushi such as kangaroo steak. Loes liked this one!






To cool down a little we took a delicious cocktail. I chose for the Thai Mojito (seeing on the picture below) and Loes for the Strawberry Lassi. While we were drinking our cocktails, we got the dim sum served. These are dough packets that are steamed or fried and are filled with meat and/or vegetables: very tasting!








At the end of the evening, they had met all our expectations and we left with a satisfying feeling!





  • Their beautiful garden
  • The perfect combination of sushi and cocktails


  • From the front, you do not see the beautiful garden

More about Tiger Mama

Location: Voorstraat 80, 3512 AT Utrecht
Opening hours: Every day from 17.00 pm till 00.00 am (on Thursday and Friday till 01.00 am)
Price: The price of a 1- courses menu is € 23,95

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