Vietnamese food made by Vietnamese locals results in food that tastes exactly as it does in Vietnam! In January Quang Minh opened its doors on the Amsterdamsestraatweg. A menu filled with Vietnamese specialties is what you can find here, and not only the food but also the interior is based on this beautiful country!

Very simple interior at Quang Minh

Upon entering the restaurant our first thought was: ‘well, the interior is not as cozy and pretty as we are used to’. This is normal in Vietnam though, the interior of the restaurants there is very simple. Quang Minh is just like the restaurant you’ll find there: a traditional Vietnamese restaurant. If you look around you see Vietnamese influences, like the straw hat and a painting of a famous bridge in Vietnam. Also, there was a little altar, which you see a lot in Asia.

Super friendly staff at Quang Minh

The staff is very kind and we chatted a bit about the owner’s background story. The restaurant owner came to The Netherlands 35 years ago, on a boat full of refugees. After telling this impressive story, he excused himself to go to the kitchen. The meal had to be prepped and he makes all the meals himself. Cooking has been a major part of the owner’s life, he owned a street food restaurant in Vietnam, so cooking is a passion of him. And also the reason why he opened Quang Minh in January this year.

Dishes with names that are hard to pronounce!

We started our dinner with Gỏi Cuốn Tôm, spring rolls with shrimp and veggies. These were richly filled and the sauce served with it, topped it off. We drank with it, as we should, Vietnamese beers. The main dish was served in two parts. First, we had Phở Đặc Biệt, a real specialty in Vietnam. It is a traditional noodle soup with beef, veggies and a lot of herbs that has the most amazing flavor. The second main dish we had was Banh Xeo Tôm Thịt, a Vietnamese pancake filled with shrimp, pork, vegetables and served with fish sauce. A real food explosion in our mouths! I think it comes to no surprise that I am saying the following: you certainly have to go to Quang Minh to experience the taste of Vietnam!


  • The dishes taste exactly like they do in Vietnam
  • The prices are not high
  • The staff is really kind


  • The ambiance is not as we Dutchies are used to

More about Quang Minh

Location: Amsterdamsestraatweg 305, 3551 CH Utrecht
Opening hours: Quang Minh is open on Tuesday till Thursday from 4 pm till 10 pm, Friday and Saturday from 11.30 am till 10 pm and on Sunday from 11.30 am till 9 pm.
Price: The price of the main dish ranges between € 7,75 and € 12,50


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