Last week we were guests of Greetings from Utrecht, who took us to an ‘empty’ Centraal Museum in Utrecht. We visited the exhibition ‘Stuff Matters’ by American artist Jessica Stockholder, whose art is on display in Utrecht this summer.

First, we were welcomed with some nice small dishes from the menu of the restaurant, located next to the museum. Food like an Indian curry soup, quiches, and chicken sate was served, all very yummy. After dinner, creative director Bart Rutten gave us some information about the exhibition Stuff Matters and Jessica Stockholder, the artist.

Stuff Matters: messy and funky, almost out of control

The exhibition Stuff Matters is described as ‘messy and funky, almost out of control’. In my opinion, the exhibition is exactly that. Jessica Stockholder used everyday objects to create colorfully but a little odd looking art. Think brightly colored washing baskets, hanging over stools and an oriental looking carpet. In the words of Bart Rutten: the exhibition is ‘a workout for your mind, visually’ and after entering the museum I completely understood his statement. You have to look beyond the initial purpose of those objects, and try to grasp what the artist meant by it.








I don’t want to reveal too much in case you will visit Stuff Matters this summer but at the end of the exhibition you will find Jessica’s showpiece ‘Lay of the Land’. It is Bart Rutten’s favorite, and I can see why. It is a masterpiece and certainly one of the reasons why you should visit the museum this summer.

More about Stuff Matters at Centraal Museum

  • Stuff Matters is exhibited until 1 September 2019
  • In total there are 60 work of arts on display
  • The art that is shown, is made by Jessica Stockholder over the last 30 years



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