We had the opportunity to taste the new menu of Stathe. My first thoughts about the bar were not about the menu or the food, but I knew Stathe mainly for the music. So, I went openminded on a Wednesday night and was pleasantly surprised!

Us was told that a very good band, named Roodnoot, would play that night, so we were exited. We decided to start the night with a ‘borrel plateau’ to share. They offer a meat and cheese plateau, we couldn’t choose so we combined the two. The cheese was well matched and the meat was a good addition. It was a good choice to get the best of both worlds!

Stathe have now focused on the French kitchen and that is not to be missed if you look at the menu. All dishes can be shared. We took the smoked duck breast, the artichoke and sweet potato fries. It was a challenge to eat the artichoke but we succeeded! For dessert we decided to take the crêpe flambé, which was a nice sweet dessert. After this delicious French dinner, we enjoyed the music of the band Roodnoot and concluded that we had a nice Wednesday evening!

More about Stathe
Location: Rozenstraat 15, Utrecht
Opening hours: Tuesday till Saturday from 4 pm.
Price: Range from 5 – 9 euro on average.


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