Hip and happening are the 2 words that come to mind when describing The Rum Club. The Streetfood Club’s little sister is (surprise, surprise) all about drinking rum and eating delicious Carribean style food platters. The owners did what they do best: create a flawless interior. Let us take you to this sunny paradise at the Oudegracht!

A tropical experience at the Rum Club

Rum Club is all about giving you that tropical experience and we definitely had one! The temperature rose to over 38 degrees that day and we were lucky to fully feel like we were in paradise. With the heat, there is nothing better than cooling down with a tropical cocktail, which we did. We started out with a flamingo drink, a cocktail served in a flamingo with mango, citrus, grapefruit soda, and of course: rum. A great combination but it might have been a little too hot for alcohol. Lucky for us: they also serve delicious non-alcoholic drinks think ‘may the virgin be fine’ and a tropical iced tea. Perfect to refresh yourself without the alcohol getting to your head or even more importantly: drink without getting a hangover.

Carribean food: all to share

Just like the Streetfood Club, the Rum Club offers food to share, a bit different than at the Streetfood Club though. With your table, you choose small dishes from the menu and everything is served on a colourfull etagere. Sometimes a little inconvenient to eat off, but a very nice way to share your food! We were crazy for the fried chicken and loved the sweet potato fries. Not your typical #fitgirl combination, but it’s too late to get in shape for summer anyway. After our food and drink fiesta (and awesome dessert), it was finally time to see the Rum Club interior, and they did an amazing job! There are 3 different areas for you to sit down, all with its own theme. In the evening this place is turned upside down: the laidback eat and drink establishment turns into a club with some ass-shaking beats. Rum Club: we’ll be back!



  • A unique and tropical vibe
  • The huge terrace that is located next to the Oudegracht
  • Everything to share: big platters filled with Caribean style food


  • You can’t make a reservation when you are with less than 6 people

More about Rum Club

Location: Oudegracht aan de Werf 111
Opening hours: Every day from 15.00 pm till 01.00 am (on Fridays and Saturdays even till 03.00 am)
Price: The price of a sharing platter is 21 euro a person

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