No better place to sit outside than Roost aan de Singel. To me, this spot is the ultimate place to be on a summer night. But what I recently discovered: this place is not only great on a sunny day, even on rainy days Roost aan de Singel is a good stay. That was a nice thing to discover!

This is only the 3rd summer for Roost aan de Singel, but I almost can’t imagine Utrecht without it. This lovely restaurant is located right at the corner of the Singel at Paardenveld. This place is basically a restaurant, bar, terrace and outdoor area all at once. So no matter if you are into drinking a beer, ‘borrel’ or having a whole dinner: everything is possible at Roost aan de Singel.

On a sunny Friday night, we felt like having dinner. Special about this dinner is that everything is cooked on a ‘braai’. This is a South-African way of having a barbecue. The kitchen of Roost aan de Singel is completely open, so you can see your whole meal being grilled. But what is a Friday without the typical Dutch ‘borrel’? Nothing! So we started off with a bucket of Desperados and a delicious platter to share filled with chicken wings, nachos and many more. One of my friends is vegetarian but that was definitely no problem here. For dinner, we had an all veggie-loaded pumpkin and a burger. Great!


  • Amazing location with a very big terrace
  • Relatively cheap (but delicious!) food
  • Inside area to play board games


  • Roost is closed during the cold winter months  


More about Roost aan de Singel

Location: Paardenveld 1, 3511 RD Utrecht
Opening hours: Changes throughout the year. Visit their website to see which days the restaurant/cafe is open.


Have you met..Maaike? Maaike is a 20 something year old Utrecht based master student in Amsterdam. After some time as a content marketeer she decided to take the plunge, so since January 2017 she’s back to being a fulltime student with a parttime job. But even with a tight budget Utrecht is just as much enjoyable! This busy bee is always on the move and has a nose for cheap but nice places to visit in Utrecht. Follow her posts by searching #maaikeinutrecht or check out her personal Instagram with tips for all over the Netherlands

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