When thinking about the Syrian cuisine, what comes to mind? We actually had no idea. Even though we tried many types of cuisines, the Syrian one was still full of mystery to us. So glad we got invited by SYR and finally know what the Syrian cuisine is about. And seriously: Syrian people know how to cook! Interesting about SYR is that refugees or people with a refugee background, who have an affinity for hospitality, work together with Dutch collegeas. A great blend of different cultures which result in a very nice concept in the Utrechtse horeca. 

SYR was completely found by making use of crowdfunding: a concept whereby random people donate money to realize a project, or in this case, a restaurant. Over 500 people decided to invest money and so SYR was born! And this baby was definitely very welcome in Utrecht, because it introduced a whole new type of cuisine to the Utrechters. To get the whole taste of what SYR has to offer, we were surprised with different types of dishes from the whole menu.

The food parade started with homemade falafel. A typical Middle East dish that is not only loved by vegetarians. We continued our food journey with a variety of delicious bites like Fatayer (spinach, tomato and mozzarella), Abo Shalhub (lamb with bulgur) and Samke & Batath Mahruseh (dorade fillet fish with vegetables). All dishes were completely new to us but we loved every bite of it. SYR cooks with the perfect blend of fresh ingredients and herbs. We had a blast!

Last but surely not least came the dessert. We were the lucky ones who could try all the desserts from the menu. Small detail: the people on the table next to us seemed quite surprised that we could still eat. But if there is one thing we learned: always keep room for dessert. From baklava to baluza, we filled our tummies with so many sweet things that we said goodbye to SYR a little high on sugar (okay and maybe also on Libanese wine). But we definitely had an amazing night and we can highly recommend going here!



  • Amazing Syrian food, made by Syrian refugees
  • Vegetarian or vegan? No problem at SYR
  • Great location


  • The restaurant is a bit small, the tables are standing close to each other

More about SYR

Location: Lange Nieuwstraat 71, 3512PE
Opening hours: Syr is open for diner every day from 17.00 till 22.00 and for lunch Syr is open on Saturday and Sunday from 11.30 till 16.00
Price: The price of a three-course dinner is €30,50, for a starter €9,00, for a main course €18,00 and for a dessert €7,00

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