You probably all know the feeling when you polished your nails but you don’t let them dry long enough. Result: your nails don’t look as fabulous as you hoped they would. My solution: go to a nail salon!  I went to Ilona Smit to do my nails and I loved the result!

Ilona Smit has a small nailsalon inside her apartment. She told me that she was interested in nailart since she was a little girl. She turned her passion into her work. I liked the fact that you can feel the joy Ilona has when making the nail design. She has lots of pictures where you can get inspiration if you don’t know what you want to do with your nails. Are you more interested in doing something completely different with you nails? No problem for Ilona, she is happy to try out new nailarts.

I only had a manicure a few times, but always with normal nail polish. Ilona works with gel nail polish. Unlike normal nail polish, gel nail polish has to cure under a UV lamp. Another difference is the time how long it lasts. In my experience normal nail polish lasts one week, where gel nail polish lasts three weeks! And one more benefit: Ilona uses a UV-cured polish that is totally safe for your nails, it does not damage your nails.

Ilona has many colors of gel nail polish. I wanted to have some girly and shiny nails so I chose for a light pink and a silver shiny unicorn design. I am really positive about my nails, I think I can never go back to normal nail polish again. Therefore, I highly recommend to go to Ilona, who is a great nail artist in Utrecht!

More about Ilona Nails

Location: Oldenburgerstraat 111, Utrecht
Opening hours: By appointment
Costs: Small manicure + one color: € 30. Small manicure + nail art: € 40 – 45


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