Going out to have lunch with my friends is one of my favourite things to do in the weekend. I always try to find a new lunch spot, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out where to go to. That’s why I made a list of three lunch spots in Utrecht where you can enjoy a nice meal.

  1. Luc.
    Do you want to be surprised by an unique lunch? Visit Luc. and imagine yourself being in a botanical garden, because of their urban jungle interior. And that’s not all! Besides the great lunch, an incredible service is guaranteed. My personal favourite on the menu was the California brioche roll. Enjoy your meal!
  2. The Streetfoodclub
    Having  lunch at the Streetfoodclub is a real experience. The interior is really colorful, each area in this restaurant has its own color. Do you love brunch like me? Then you’ll definitely have to go to The Streetfoodclub, they have an all-day brunch menu! From pancakes to pokebowls, eggs to chia pudding, they have it all! 
  3. Metro City Kitchen
    This restaurant, located next to the train station, is perfect to have lunch. You can enjoy your lunch in one of the comfy lounge chairs. I love the interior, which is modern but with a cosy atmosphere. My favourite was the smashed avocado with feta and pomegranate.

The youngest of the lot but just as excited to see more of Utrecht. She just loves food and likes to take us on her quest for the best food in the city. You'll find our newest connoisseur in a mix of places. New places, cheap or a bit more expensive. Find out more about Daphne by using hashtag daphneinutrecht

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