What is a better way to have a nice chat with your friends over a high tea? ChiqueOLatte is an excellent place for that. This little chocolate cafe in the city center is heaven for sweet lovers. You can have loads of chocolates and they introduced us to their new high tea!

Make sure you’ll go to ChiqueOLatte with an empty stomach, because a lot of food is guaranteed! The high tea includes savory food, like wraps with salmon, sausage rolls and pizza bread. We also had a variety of sweets like bonbons, macarons and chocolate profiteroles. But how does this high tea distinguish itself?
Well, ChiqueOLatte is the only place where they serve a chocolate fondue with the high tea, for me, it was the top of the iceberg! It comes with a plate of fruit. Strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, kiwi, grapes and more fresh fruit to dip in the chocolate. That is what you call heaven right?

A high tea does not only include food but also tea of course! What I liked when I saw the menu for tea is that they do not have the usual flavors like; English, rooibos and normal green tea. Don’t know which flavor you want? No problem, the staff will help you choose. The flavor I liked the most was the garden botanical. The tea was served in a glass teapot with a sandglass and a thermometer. When the temperature of the water was exactly 60 degrees, we had to lower the tea leaves and let that simmer for three minutes.

ChiqueOLatte has a cute interior. You can sit on the ground floor or you can go upstairs, which I highly recommend! Upstairs they have little wooden cottages where you can sit inside. The little cottages stand for the Amsterdam mini-canal houses. Do you need to catch up with your friends? A high tea at ChiqueOLatte is a perfect excuse! ChiqueOLatte is also a great place to work for a few hours!


  • Located in the city center
  • High Tea is served with a lot of tasty food
  • Cute interior


  • Not a nice view outside

More about ChiqueOLatte

Location: St. Jacobsstraat 101, 3511BP Utrecht
Opening hours: Monday till Sunday from 08.00 till 22.00
Price: The price of the high tea is €30,00 per person


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