Every cheese lover in Utrecht may praise the lord because our prayers have been heard. The first cheese fondue restaurant of the Netherlands opened in our Domstad. You might know the Bakkerswinkel from its delicious coffees and pastries, well during the evening this restaurant is fully transformed into a cheese fondue paradise. Me and my boyfriend where the lucky ones to try it out. Spoiler: it was truly amazing!

Traditional cheese fondue

Cheese = life and that surely is so at Fondue au Fromage. From the first moment we came down the stairs into the cellar we smelled the fondue all around. That definitely stimulated our appetite even more! We decided to take it easy at the beginning so we started off with a local beer from de Leckere and carpaccio. Can’t really go wrong with that right? Because the beer tasted us so well we decided to go all Dutch with the ‘Hollandse kaasfondue’. This fondue is made of Crom Hout beer from de Leckere: a tough brown beer with scents of dark fruit and roasted malt. A very interesting but above all delicious combination of flavors!

Great (winter) activity

What particularly stood out was the delicious taste of the fondue. The owner told us that they already grate the cheese for the fondue in the afternoon and you really taste that too! The creamy taste of the cheese really comes into its own with all the delicious dips that are served with the cheese fondue. Think fresh bread and crispy veggies: filling and still a little bit healthy 😉 Something that also makes an evening at Fondue au Fromage special is the whole feeling of fonduing together. Dimmed lights, candlelight and of course a pan full of melted cheese makes a perfect date night


  • Amazingly delicious and fresh cheese fondue
  • Great evening-filling activity for a romantic date or with friends/family
  • Nice location in the intimate setting of a yard cellar


  • Somewhat logical, but not the best place for non-cheese lover (are there people like that?!)

More about Fondue au Fromage 

Location: Wittevrouwenstraat 2, 3512 CT Utrecht
Opening hours: You can reserve a cheese fondue from Thursday till Sunday between 17.00 and 22.00.
Price: Cheese fondue varies between 19,50 and 21,50 per person.


Have you met..Maaike? Maaike is a 20 something year old Utrecht based master student in Amsterdam. After some time as a content marketeer she decided to take the plunge, so since January 2017 she’s back to being a fulltime student with a parttime job. But even with a tight budget Utrecht is just as much enjoyable! This busy bee is always on the move and has a nose for cheap but nice places to visit in Utrecht. Follow her posts by searching #maaikeinutrecht or check out her personal Instagram with tips for all over the Netherlands

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