Ever heard of Janneke Jager? I didn’t but I’m happy that I know her now! I went to her show, Femme Façade which was a great musical cabaret performance. A combination of sad songs, jokes that where on point and funny anecdotes.

Femme Façade is an outspoken musical cabaret performance in which Janneke Jager, a comedian from Utrecht, uses the circus as a metaphor for life. Janneke tells us about her struggle about her past, a family secret and how she took care of her sick father. She let’s us think about the world, how everybody is by showing just a part of how they really are: in other words she is looking for the naked truth. All of this is told through the eyes of girl who had a reformed upbringing in the countryside of Groningen and a childhood experience on a naturist camping.

The show is played in the ‘Werftheater’, a small theatre along the Oudengracht. Because it is such a small space it was intimate, and I got sucked in the story pretty easily. Next to the humorfull way of play, I really liked the live music! No plans for tonight yet and want to have a nice night out? Go to Femme Façade!

More about Femme Façade

Location: Oudegracht 58-60 aan de werf, 3511 AS Utrecht
Date of show: 23 Februari 20.30
Price: The price of the entree is €15,00, of €14,00 if you have a CJP of U-card


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