Somewhere in the woods in Nieuwegein you’ll find Céline. A beautiful restaurant in an old fort with an amazing cuisine. Flavors you have never tasted before, with wines that complemented the dishes really well. Almost fairytale-like, and best of all at Céline you are treated like a princess and in true storybook fashion: the restaurant has an amazing view. Céline is a restaurant you want to visit, I can tell you that.

How Céline started

Horeca couple Martijn and Stephanie had been working on their restaurant for over two years when they found Fort Jutphaas. The fort was the perfect location for all their ideas, but a large renovation was needed. After two months of rebuilding the fort, Céline opened its doors in June. And with great result! At Céline it’s all about details, that extends beyond the food to their service. Upon entering Céline, you’re greeted by Stephanie. Fitting to Célines vision where the owners want you to feel seen. Other values at Céline are refined, personality, renewed, comfortable, with an eye for design, divine and a bit cheeky. And the owners fulfill their promise perfectly. The location is refined and shows personality and we were lucky that the sun was shining, so we could enjoy the view. When I visited Céline I felt comfortable as well and felt like a princess because of the personal attention.

Beautiful dishes

We started our lunch with a glass of rose champagne and an amuse. We got a three coursed surprise lunch at the restaurant. Firstly, coalfish with cabbage, curry and puffed wild rice. Insanely good! The main course was bavette with pumpkin, beans, samphire, and spices. My friend, who is vegetarian was also lucky, she got a watermelon tartare with kohlrabi, beetroot, and panko. As dessert, we got red wine ice cream with cherry, rhubarb, and almonds. I would never think of these combinations. All the dishes included lots of delicious components that were highly flavored and refined. Céline has exceeded my expectations, and is now one of my favorite high class restaurants in the Province of Utrecht!



  • Personal attention from the staff
  • Balanced flavored dishes
  • Lovely and large terrace


  • It’s located in Nieuwegein, not Utrecht so quite a drive or bike ride (well worth it though!)

More about Céline

Location: Fort Jutphaas 3, 3439 LX Nieuwegein
Opening hours: Céline is open on Tuesday and Saturday from 18.00 till 23.00 and on Wednesday to Friday from 12.00 till 23.00.
Price: The price for lunch is €29,50 for a 2-course menu and for dinner you pay €45,- for a 4-course menu, €55,- for a 5-course menu and €62,50 for a 6-course menu


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