Days off? Looking for a fun Christmas activity? You should consider visiting the Spoorwegmuseum during the holidays. Expect to get overwhelmed, but in a good way. Honestly, this place will top your biggest Christmas fantasies.

We were one of the lucky few to take a look inside an empty Spoorwegmuseum at night and it was truly magical. The coziness of the Royal waiting room decorated with a Christmas tree, ice skating around a train wagon while dancing on the hits of Mariah Carey… Christmas vibes all over the place!

Spoorwegmuseum as a Winter Station

The museum came up with the concept called ‘the Winter Station’ and every year the place turns into a true winter wonderland. Their motto is ‘learning by being entertained’ and for the occasion, there’s some extra focus on the entertainment part. One thing I learned: trains were not a popular subject for painters in the 18th century. And in 1952 the beautiful clock at the entrance of the museum was taken out because ‘in a museum, the time stands still’. Nowadays this museum is far from boring. It was even nominated for the international ‘Children in Museums Award’ and is recognized for its ‘hands-on approach’.

Visit the five different world in this museum

Besides all the Christmas craziness, it’s still a museum. There’s a lot to discover for both kids and adults. There are five different ‘worlds’ you can visit, each has its own theme think Dream Travels or the Great Discovery. Or the model train warehouse where you’ll find the smallest trains in the museum.
Enough said. If you get excited about toasting marshmallows, gluhwein and live music, you should definitely go.


  • There’s a lot to do, most likely something for everyone
  • If you arrive past 15:00, you get a big discount
  • Spoorwegmuseum is centrally located and good reachable


  • If you get overstimulated easily, you’ll have a hard time finding a quiet place
  • If you bring your kids, they might get lost

More about Spoorwegmuseum

Location: Maliebaanstation, Utrecht. Reachable by train, car, bus, and bike
Opening hours: From 22 December until 6 January, the museum is open from 10:00 until 19:00, except on 24, 25, 26 and 31 December. January 1, the museum is closed.
Price: Ticket prices vary from 7,50 for an afternoon ticket to 17,50 for a ticket at the cash desk.


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