Going to a concert of your favorite artist is a lot of fun. But in my opinion it’s also amazing to discover some (yet) unknown artists. Sofar Sounds organizes secret gigs at special locations. I’d love to share our experience with you…

Sofar Sounds is a music events organization, based in the UK. Sofar Sounds reimagines the live event experience through curated, secret performances in more than 4,000 cities around the world, and secret it is. Guests sign up for three unnamed performers at an undisclosed location, hosted by community members in everyday spaces. That way, Sofar challenges you to discover new artists, spaces, people, neighborhoods and cities. Utrecht is one of the Sofar cities in the Netherlands and has been active for two and a half years now. Each show lineup features three acts where every performer is given equal attention – there is no “opener” and no “headliner.” Sofar provides a platform for artists, both emerging and established, to connect with an engaged and passionate audience.

Secret Sofar gig

A day before my first secret Sofar gig I received an email with all the information I needed. Curious about the location, I opener my e-mail and immediately looked up the address in Google, the location: a hairdresser, how funny! Only on the day of the event I found out the artist while at the hairdresser, ‘Salon Maher’, the flyer of Sofar Sounds showed the names of the three artist who would play… interesting! Inside, all the guest were ready and brought their own drinks and pillows to sit on during the performances. This created an intimate and cosy atmosphere! The three performances each had their own style, which was a nice variety. What surprised me was the origin of the artist. I thought I would see three Dutch performances, but none of them where Dutch and instead came from Ireland, Italy and Spain, amazing! So sum it up: this Sofar show was a unique experience that I did not want to miss!

More about Sofar Sounds

Location: Secret
Upcoming event: 24th of March
Price: It’s free to join a Sofar show, apply for a show via the website and there will be a selection of people who can join


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