The sun is shining and the temperature is rising: no weather to stay inside. That’s why Rolien and me decided to move my second coaching session at UKIYO coaching to the park. I really love the fact that the coaching sessions at UKIYO are so flexible. No boring office room, but into nature. It definitely creates such a different atmosphere for a coaching session! 

This time we started off with an exercise which helped to gain more insight into different aspects of my life. On a sort of web I had to give points on these aspects. Very interesting to take a moment to stand still and notice how you feel about some aspects of your life. Rolien asked all sorts of questions  that really force (in a good way) you to make up your mind. What I especially love about this way of coaching that it is very interactive and that there is no ‘settled’ program for the session. This means that Sanne and Rolien really try to see what is best for you during a session.

They also made a special exercise for you to do at home! By doing this exercise you will discover that sometimes your way of thinking does not always suit what is best for you. Have you for example ever noticed how often we tend to tell ourselves that we HAVE to do something? If you have to do something it mostly costs a lot of energy, because you make it an obligation. You can also turn the same event into wanting to do something. This makes it something of your own and you consciously choose to do it. Wanting is way softer and gives much more positive energy. What helps is if you try to make a list of everything you need from yourself, go wild! Ready? Take a good look. So this is all you need from yourself … Time to meet! Now try to replace the word ‘must’ with ‘want’ everywhere. What happens to your list? How does it feel to want to use instead of having to? Are things falling away? Things you might not really want? It is good to be aware of the power of language. As soon as we make small adjustments, this can give great results!

What I love about personal coaching is that the attention is very much on you. You can fully do your story without someone interrupting to tell you theirs. Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing stories, but sometimes it is also very nice to do differently. For people who prefer coaching together in a group Sanne and Rolien set-up the MindMove program. During this 8 week training you will focus on personal development, meditation and exercise. The MindMove program is for everyone who wants to have more insight into their thoughts, diet, exercise pattern and pitfalls. A truly tailor-made program!

The new starting date is set on September 19 and you can already apply via the website of UKIYO coaching:
Because you are a When in Utrecht fan we can give you a 20% discount on MindMove. Add the code ‘MINDMOVEWHENINUTRECHT20’ to your application form and pay less!


Have you met..Maaike? Maaike is a 20 something year old Utrecht based master student in Amsterdam. After some time as a content marketeer she decided to take the plunge, so since January 2017 she’s back to being a fulltime student with a parttime job. But even with a tight budget Utrecht is just as much enjoyable! This busy bee is always on the move and has a nose for cheap but nice places to visit in Utrecht. Follow her posts by searching #maaikeinutrecht or check out her personal Instagram with tips for all over the Netherlands

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