This summer I went to Asia and I really miss the food. A friend of mine recommended LE:EN and I am glad she did. When you walk through LE:EN it feels like you are in a street market in Asia, the food tastes like it does Asia and the drinks are Asian as well. I think this is my favorite restaurant in Utrecht so far!


LE:EN is a trendy and big restaurant with street art on the walls. The tables are basic and there is an open kitchen. All these aspects remind me of a street food market in Asia. There is such a nice ambiance, people are enjoying their time at LE:EN. Because it is located in an industrial building it is a bit noisy, but it didn’t disturb me.


The staff is friendly and they help you choosing dishes or drinks if you don’t know what to choose. With every dish that they bring, they’ll explain in detail what is on your plate, which I liked because you know what you eat.

Small dishes to share

The typical Asian dishes are small dishes to share, so you can try as much dishes as you want. At LE:EN they cook with fair caught fish and meadow meat. One of my favorite dishes was the pork belly, which was a free-range monastic pig.  The sushi and the broccoli salad were also very good!


LE:EN has, next to the amazing Asian dishes, a lot of Asian drinks, cocktails with an Asian touch, Asian beers and different kinds of sake. The restaurant also had a unique beer brewed by The Sisters Brewery (two girls from Utrecht), it’s specially brewed for LE:EN and it’s delicious. If you go to LE:EN you definitely have to try at least one of the sakes. I drank a plum sake that was great with my dessert (the chocolate mess), great combination and I loved both!


  • The staff tells you a lot about the food and the drinks.
  • The food is good and either free-range or caught fair.
  • Typical Asian drinks and sake


  • It’s noisy because it’s located in an industrial building
  • It may be a little bit hard to find

More about LE:EN

Location: Heuveloord 140, 3523 CK Utrecht
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 11 am till 11.30 pm
Price: The price of a dish ranges between 4,50 and 10,00 for a dish, these dishes are to share


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