I bet you all know the following situation: you have worked all day and when you come home you are too tired to cook a meal. But when you want to order something, it’s impossible to find a simple and healthy meal, something in line with what you would normally make. This results in ordering sushi or pizza… That’s why Tijm opened its doors 1,5 years ago, the solution when you don’t want to cook, but want a simple dish!

Good vibes only at Tijm

Fianne and Martijn both had a full-time job, and where all too familiar with the situation described above. They missed a restaurant that delivered food when they wanted something simple. So why not start something up themselves? Tijm is the best of both worlds, Martijn is a fan of cooking and in combination with Fianne (lover of a simple and healthy meal), the idea behind the restaurant was born. A really daring, but amazing choice! When sitting in Tijm, it feels like you can relax while enjoying your meal. This is probably because Tijm is not that big and the staff is easy going and very kind. Besides that, the restaurant is covered with plants, wood, and the walls are painted yellow. Bonus: when the sun is out, you can also sit outside.

Easy, healthy and delicious

Everything at Tijm is homemade. They have several different dishes on their menu, that change every once in a while. All of these meals are simple, healthy, delicious and are well-priced. I started off with a pita with fresh hummus. I never had homemade hummus before and can tell you it is a whole lot better than the packed hummus. Next up: the fish tacos, loved it! They were fresh and all the different flavors were well balanced. And even though I had enough,  after I saw the date brownie, I found room for more. And I was glad I did find some space! This rich vegan date brownie was a nice end of my dinner!


  • The dishes are easy, healthy and tasteful
  • There is a good vibe
  • You can sit at the restaurant or pick up your order


  • It is not located in the city center

More about Tijm

Location: Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 5, 3514 HA Utrecht
Opening hours: Tijm is open every day from 8.30 am till 10 pm
Price: The price of a dish ranges between €6,90 and €11,90

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